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Region 85 (Lake Forest, Foothill Ranch, Portola Hills)

Field Closure Information

On inclement weather days, the City of Lake Forest will determine whether fields are open or closed. (current field status) Region 85 will update the Field Status on the website accordingly.  Updates are typically received by 8am on weekends and 3pm on weekdays. Player safety and protecting the fields from damage are our main concerns.

If a field is originally listed as open and weather or field conditions deteriorate, the referee will decide if the match will continue or be played. Additionally, once a field is closed, it is closed for the remainder of the day. (regardless if weather conditions or field conditions improve) Region 85 Board Members, Coaches, Referees or Parents do not have the authority to open or re-open a closed field.

Reminder, games and practices are always canceled whenever lightning is in the area. Always use your best judgment when playing or practicing.

All Region 85 Area play teams should check the Area 11L Matchtrak website for field conditions - as field conditions may differ between locations/fields.

*** No person shall use an athletic field which is posted as being closed. (whether the closure is for excess rainfall, field maintenance or other reason)

Cold Weather

Although games don't generally get canceled due to cold temperatures, players should dress accordingly for current and changing weather conditions. Players are permitted to wear appropriate and safe clothing (extra garments under the jersey and shorts, knit hats and gloves, etc.) to protect against cold and windy weather conditions. Items such as jackets with hoods, hooded sweatshirts, ear muffs, and scarves may not be worn.

  • Players on sidelines should remain dressed (if in warm-ups) until they enter the game.
  • Players coming off should towel off (if sweaty) and get dressed quickly.
  • Blankets and chairs are recommended.
  • Keep hydrated.
  • Keep an eye on field conditions (wet, icy, etc.). Cold wet conditions can quickly change field from safe footing to slippery.
Safety and health of the players come first.

Extreme Temperatures

Region 85 prohibits teams from starting or continuing any activity when the actual temperature is 101°F or the temperature and relative humidity create a heat index temperature above 101°F. Region 85 also prohibits our teams from starting or continuing any activity when the actual temperature is below 35°F or the temperature and wind speed create a wind chill temperature below 35°F.

As a formal heat policy, we ask that coaches adhere to the following:
  • 95-99 degrees (either actual temperature or heat index): water breaks at least every 20 minutes
  • 100 degrees (either actual temperature or heat index): Region 85 recommends practice be cancelled, but if coach of team elects to practice, coach shall provide water breaks every 10-15 minutes and reduce amount of running during practice. Games that are scheduled will be played with water breaks to be taken every 10-15 minutes.
  • 101+ degrees (either actual temperature or heat index): No activities will start or continue.


During high wind events, please make sure field conditions are safe both before and during games. Check to make sure goals are secure to avoid potential injuries. Referees and coaches should always inspect goals prior to the start of any game and during game breaks (half time and quarter breaks). Make sure spectators and teams safely secure any loose items to avoid anything being blown onto the fields during games.

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