American Youth Soccer Organization 
Ref# Request Form  

A Ref# is required to register for our classes and/or to request game assignments.
  1. If you have previously officiated in Region 85, have recently been trained in Region 85, or have recently submitted paperwork saying that you might referee this season, you probably have already been assigned a Ref# and should not use this form.  
    To avoid errors please check here for an existing Ref# before continuing.    

  2. If you are already an AYSO certified referee you must provide sufficient information so that your certification can be confirmed.   If you are a USSF referee seeking AYSO certification use the cross certification form.

  3. Upon submission of this form a temporary Ref# and Pin# will be displayed on the screen and sent to your primary email address.  Upon completion of your training, or confirmation of your previous certification, you will automatically be given a permanent Ref#.

  4. Log in with your Ref# and Pin# to to register for classes, or to update your records.

Home Region  AYSO region where you plan to referee           
First Name

Date of Birth mm/dd/yyyy

Last Name Gender  (you are)      Male    Female
 State      Zip  
Primary Phone General Status:   active  inactive (keep in touch) 
Primary Email Fall Season Status:   
Primary Division For contact purposes only. You are not limited to working in this division.
PIN Number (4 digits) Allows you to log in and update your personal information.
Secondary Phone optional (work or cell phone)
Secondary Email optional (work or other email address)



Required only if you are a previously certified referee.
   You must provide enough information so that we can confirm your previous certification.
   Examples: Badge, Year certified, Instructor's name, City where you trained, etc.

If this form does not work properly please email all of the above information directly to the
           Regional Director of Referee Instruction (RDRI)   who will register you manually.