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VIP is a special program is for players facing special mental and/or physical challenges. The program has special rule allowances so more children can enjoy the benefits of AYSO soccer. VIP teams may include children who are blind, amputees, mentally challenged, autistic, and children with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, or other conditions that impair mobility, strength, and/or comprehension.

VIP programs operate within the existing structure of a Region, just like a Division. VIP integrates its players with the rest of AYSO by using “buddies” from other teams (or siblings, etc.) to help the players both on and off the field if needed. Teams are made up of as few as five players, and may be coed. VIP teams are balanced like other AYSO teams, with players rated by size and physical ability.

For all those parents who may have thought they would never see their mentally and/or physically challenged children playing a sport or making new friends, VIP gives them joy and hope. They are able to relax and enjoy watching their children having fun like other children involved in AYSO.

Players are placed on teams within our local Area 11-L communities in South Orange County and play games weekly on Saturday's against other teams.  A VIP tournament is also held each Fall Season.  For 2012, this will be in October in Laguna Niguel.  Visit for more details.

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