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1) Go to — The first screen you see is the Login screen.

2) Login

A. If you have registered a player online in any previous year, and created an account you must login with your previous Email Address/Password. Creating a second account will force you to waste time re-entering information that is already in the system, and may cause confusion and delays at registration and in the future.

If you know that you have created an account before, but cannot remember which email address or password you used, click on the appropriate link to the right of the login block.

B. If you have never created an account online before click on the option listed that most closely matches your situation. Then, follow the instructions on the following pages.


3) Fill out the Member Registration screen. and select your Username/Password. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and select the [Register] button. If you have entered all of the mandatory data, the system will show you a "Thanks for registering" screen. Select the "Back" link to return to the original Login screen.

4) Fill in the Username/Password fields, select the [Sign In] button.

5) A General Instructions screen will appear. Near the top of the page is a gray menu bar. To the left hand side of the menu bar is the link "MyeAYSO". Select this link. This will take you to the Pre-Registration screen.

6) The second choice in the menu is the link "View/Edit Parent Information". You first need to go here, check your information to make sure everything is correct. You may also enter spouse information in this screen. The "only" mandatory thing you must do prior to pre-registering your child(s) is to select "Father", "Mother", or "Guardian1" in the field "Relationship to Child". Select the [Save] button at the bottom on the screen. This will take you back to the Pre-Registration screen.

7) The third choice down is the link "Add a Player". Select this link to go to the Player Registration screen. Select Region 85. Select all other pertinent information. If your child played last year or previous years, fill in this information. For a player who played in the Fall Season, select "Fall Spring". Select the [Next] button.

8) Complete the next page, and then select the [Submit] button at the bottom. If you have filled out everything correctly, you will see a "Successfully added Player" message. If you would like to add another player, select "Add one more player". If you want to pre-register as a volunteer, (parents who wish to coach, assistant coach, or referee must do this) select "Become a Volunteer". If you have completed your child pre-registration and your volunteer pre-registration, select "Return to Main Menu". Then select the [OK] button.

9) The second to last choice is the link "Print Pre-Registration Forms". You "must" print these forms and mail them in after June 2. Bring your child"s birth certificate if you did not play in the last Fall season. After June 2nd only Mail registration forms, copies of the birth certificate, and check for $175 per player to AYSO Region 85 P.O. Box 1059 Lake Forest 92609.


The division in which a player is elligible to play during the Fall and Spring seasons is based on the following table:

Player Ages and Ball Sizes (2015 - 2016)
Division Ball Size Player's Birthdate
Under 19 5 8/1/1996  —  7/31/1999
Under 16 5 8/1/1999  —  7/31/2001
Under 14 5 8/1/2001  —  7/31/2003
Under 12 4 8/1/2003  —  7/31/2005
Under 10 4 8/1/2005  —  7/31/2006
Under 9 4 8/1/2006  —  7/31/2007
Under 8 3 8/1/2007  —  7/31/2008
Under 7 3 8/1/2008  —  7/31/2009
Under 6 3 8/1/2009  —  7/31/2010
Under 5 3 8/1/2010  —  9/12/2011

NOTE: U5 players must be at least 4 years old on the first day of the Fall season. (09/12/2015)

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If you have registered your child for the Fall season and would like to withdraw and request a refund, click on the link below, complete the form, and submit it to the registrar as indicated on the form. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing.  

The deadline to apply for a refund is September 1.

Player Withdrawal/Refund Form 

Registration Calendar