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 Seize a Teachable Moment - Referee Calls

Very good practical advice on how to respond to referee calls and respect the game of Soccer from the Positive Coaching Alliance.

PCA Leader's Clipboard

Curious question and lots of ways to handle it. For Region 85, please abide by this policy.

The HOME Team, the team listed first on the scheduled date, will choose which sideline they want to occupy.

The visiting team will practice good sportsmanship and happily head to the other sideline.

All parents, guests, players and coaches for each team will be on the same sideline, while the opposing parents, guests, players, and coaches will occupy the opposite sideline.

In rare cases under extreme weather conditions, Referees may allow both teams to position themselves on the same sideline in separate areas of each half of the field.

Thank you for your cooperation and respect for referees directing this policy. Smiles!

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Referee Fall Pre-Season Meeting
Referee Pre-Season Meeting Date: THUR 9/4 Location: Lake Forest City Hall (Coaches are welcome to attend)
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 Sat 1st
Sports Park - Opening Celebration