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  1. If you never had a Region 85 ref#, request one here.
  2. If you forgot your ref#, look it up in our online referee list.
  3. If you have a ref#, but forgot your pin#,
    • Login using a question mark as your pin#. It will be sent to you by email. Example: If your ref# is 8888, login using 8888-?
    • If you do not have a correct email address in our database, contact the RDRI or your division Referee Coordinator (see Referee Contacts).
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AYSO is a large volunteer run organization that works with hundreds of thousands of children throughout the country. Through our widely acclaimed Safe Haven program we take special precautions to screen and properly train the thousands of volunteers who work with our children.

As part of this program all referees are required to:

  • Submit a signed Volunteer Application Form (VAF) every year.
  • Be formally Safe Haven certified by AYSO
  • Be properly trained and certified as a referee by AYSO.
The referee and Safe Haven certifications, and annual VAF, must be properly recorded in the National database (eAYSO) or referees will not be permitted to participate in AYSO games.

Procedures required to satisfy these requirements are listed here: Procedures for New Referees


The schedule and registration procedures for REGION 85 Referee classes are listed on the Schedule/Register page of his website. (Or, see calendar below.) Other classes being held in the local area are listed in the Referee Training Schedule on the Area 11L website.

If you receive your training outside of Region 85, or have already been certified in another region and want to referee in Region 85, be sure to request a R85 Ref and report your training on the request form.

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Need help signing up for games, getting a Ref #, etc.? Try our Referee Help Desk.

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