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Next Registration  

Please mark your calendar for our 2015 Fall Registration held at the New Lake Forest Sports Park Recreation Center at 28000 Rancho Parkway (Across from Saddleback Church at Portola Parkway and Rancho).

Registration Type Date & Time Player Fees
Early Registration (Save $) April 25th 9am - 2pm

$125 per player 

$325 Family Maximum





HOT TIP: Go to the eayso website Now and make your application for all players and volunteers. Print 1 copy of the player form and 1 copy of your volunteer form, and bring them with you to registration. Computers at this event are extremely limited and wait times can be long.  New players must also bring a birth certificate.  Payment accepted with cash or check to AYSO Region 85 only.  QUESTIONS?  Email our registrar

Our rates for a quality soccer program are extremely low only because we are an all volunteer organization with 30 different activities for you to get involved with lots of help so you can support our Platinum awarded Region for 7 years running.  Our expectation is everyone pitches in somewhere.

We provide all the necessary training and support at no cost.  A great way to model the volunteer spirit for your player and bring your time and talent to our AYSO Region 85 program.  Thanks.

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The Lake Forest AYSO Region 85 Player Development Academy (PDA), conducted by 
AYSO official partner, UK International Soccer (UKIS), is designed to provide 
the opportunity for enhanced technical development for the serious and aspiring 
young soccer player. 
Whether your child is playing on a team right now, is taking a break from soccer 
to participate in other sports or is gearing up for more advanced play in the 
AYSO EXTRA or PSC program, the PDA will help with skill acquisition and 
retention to ensure players don’t fall behind and can take their game to the 
next level. 
Program includes: 
• 7 x 1 hour sessions with a professional UKIS trainer 
• FREE access to soccerfit website 
• Academy t-shirt 
Dates:   Mondays April 13 - June 1 (no session on Memorial Day) 
4:30pm - 5:30pm - U8 
5:30pm - 6:30pm - U10 
6:30pm - 7:30pm - U12 
Bring:   Water, ball, shinguards 
Cost:   $85 
Webflyer    (www.uksocca.com/Online/WebFlyer.php?c=42926091&f=31&t=0)
Direct Link to sign up    (www.uksocca.com/Online/A5D.php?CID=42926091&wl=0 )
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2015 AYSO Western States Championships @ LF Sports Park



Our Fall Season games begin September 12, 2015.  Here are some tips about our program.

Teams will be formed in July and coaches will be contacting players mid August to begin training after August 15th.

See our calendar page for other important dates.  Game schedules will be posted 1 week before the first game. Coaches choose the time and place to train on local fields usually twice per week for 60 - 90 minutes. 

Every player needs to supply their own cleats, soccer ball, and shin guards to play. If you have not been called by your coach by August 20th, please contact your division manager found on our Contact Us page.  Example for Under 8 age boy players is U8B@ayso85.org Look to this web site page for updates and more details. We are planning for another fun-filled season for your family and anticipate the excitement that will be here soon.  Thanks for playing AYSO in Region 85 with 40 years of service to our community.


If you are a Cox Web mail user, please note that information from us through our AYSO National email server come in email with an address of no-reply@ayso.org that Cox treats as Spam.  If you are not receiving emails from Regional Commissioner Doug Cirbo about every month here is what you can do.  

In your email client, go to settings, find the link to Spam Blocker settings.  Most likely it is set to the first item in the list which automoatically deltes all Spam. Suggest making a change to the second or third choice on the list to insure receiving emails from AYSO or change your email address in EAYSO if you hve a Gmail account for example.

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The Spring Season is here!!! All approved Referees are encouraged to sign up for games early and often. Visit the Area 11-L website for game schedules and Referee sign-ups. (GAME SIGN-UPS)

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Starting Monday, January 26th, practice times and locations at Heroes Park and the Lake Forest Sports Park will be on a reservation basis. At Heroes there are 6 areas available with 3 time slots each day and Lake Forest Sports Park Turf 4 areas with 3 time slots each (except Friday only 5-630) and Grass 10 areas with 3 time slots. Region 85 teams will be entitled to two practice sessions per week at either Heroes or LFSP (LFSP/Heroes 4:00-5:00pm M-F & all other permited fields on the Fields page 4:00- sunset, do not require a reservation). 

Please show good sportsmanship in sharing our lighted fields (approximately 40 by 50 and Heroes and 1/8 of the full field at LFSP).  If slots are open as of 7pm on January 31st, you may submit a request for a second slot per team. When you are no longer utilizing your slot please email me here so that your slot can be opened up for another team.

We are really short on space this season, thanks for being courteous, showing positive coaching in action.

Practice Schedule

To reserve a time slot, click on Practice Schedule (Above^) to see the most current time slots available (the slots are updated a couple times a day- not live), then select Reserve a Practice Time (via this link or on top left side of Practice Schedule page), the message should inlcude the coach name, division, day, and time slot. Reservations will be on a first come basis. Practice time slots will be by division as follows: U8/U10 5:00-6:30pm, U12/U14 6:30-8:00PM, U16/U19 8:00-9:30PM. Please revist the schedule by day's end to confirm your reservation went through.

Field Map

Note: AYSO's permit is one half of grass area at Heroes and one half of the East LFSP turf field. If any issues arise, please share the space but do not take matters into your own hands, kindly remind them of the permit we hold (please ensure that you keep a copy of our permit in your bag) with the City; get their organization and contact name and email to Doug Cirbo at commissioner@ayso85.org.

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Please remember to park your vehicles in designated areas at our various fields. Be a good neighbor to local communities and use street parking nearby outside of residential homes, especially at Regency Park.  At Borrego Park, use the street or school parking lot in lieu of the Library parking lot.  Parking tickets may be issued for illegal parking at any site.  Thanks.

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It’s valuable to understand what motivates families to keep coming back to AYSO and what drives them away. 

According to a study by the Wall Street Journal, what kids hate most about soccer is the car ride home. Too often, the first first thing a parent has to say after a game is a critical remark, an accusatory question or offer “you should haves!” to their kids. This only causes young players to lose interest in playing. 

Parents often don't realize the impact of their words and forget that kids seek approval and want to impress them during games. When players feel put down, they can lose their love for soccer. 

Parents Do's: 

Be their biggest fan. Make sure to maintain a positive attitude and environment for your child by cheering and showing them support. After all, a child is trying their best to impress their parents, so show them they’re appreciated! 

Focus on the positive. Great shot! Nice dribble! Amazing pass! Wow so close! These are all great ways to express to kids that they’re doing a good job and it will motivate them to try even harder. 

Let them make mistakes. Making mistakes is the best way to get better. Don’t try to correct the mistakes by yelling directions from the sideline. Instead, let them try their moves and work on them next time you’re on a field together. 

Encourage goal setting and measure progress. Aside from staying active and having a great time, kids strive to become good soccer players. Encourage players to talk about ways they can improve and offer methods or ask a coach to help them improve those things. 

Parent Don'ts: 

Don’t talk about negative things on the ride home. There are much better ways and places to communicate what your kids could have done better than questioning their actions during the car ride home. They are still learning the game and are likely aware that they didn’t have a great game. Try taking them to a park over the weekend and work on things to help improve their game in a fun, loving environment instead. 

Don’t offer excuses. Putting blame on a ref, the field, weather or a coach for a bad performance may offer short-lived comfort, but this attitude can backfire. Kids will fail to take accountability and will instead learn to blame other factors when things don’t go their way. 

Don’t yell instructions during games. This causes confusion and annoys other parents, coaches and players (including your own!). A player develops best when they are allowed to make their own decisions on the field, figuring out what works best and working on those things at practice. 

Don’t criticize refs in front of the kids. Always remember that AYSO refs are volunteers and have given up their time to make the game possible. Kids will learn from their parents so be aware that yelling at a ref is one of the things they will pick up. And pro soccer players can tell you that yelling at the ref DOES NOT make them change their mind! 

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Receive field status updates on your cell phone.

Text R85SOCCER to 84483.

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Webisodes are short videos prepared by AYSO National covering various topics of interest. Click on the following link to view them:   webisodes

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Even though city parks allow leashed dogs, they are not allowed at AYSO practices or games.

With kids running around and other activity at AYSO events, the chances are very high that pets will be excitable and may cause injury. In addition, some children have a fear of dogs.

Thank you in advance for helping to keep AYSO soccer a fun event for all.

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