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After October 7, please pick up your teams packet from 7am to 7pm at the address below.  Packets are sorted by your team number in a box on the porch and please sign for receiving them.  Questions email Leanne at pictures@ayso85.org

Leanne Blazek
19 Bienvenu Drive
Foothill Ranch
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When:  Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Where: Rimgate park,  29772 Rimgate Drive, Lake Forest  (South of Queensberry and Lake Forest Drive)
Time: 5:00pm to 5:30 pm
Why: if you have a player that was not at picture day or you receive a packet with the words” closed eyes” on it please come to make up picture day.
Please wear your Soccer Jersey, soccer shorts, soccer socks, and cleats. If you forgot to turn in a packet because you were not at picture day, there will be a few extras there for you to fill out. 
Questions email Leanne at pictures@ayso85.org
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Please make sure that ALL GOALS, including the BOWNET goals are inspected prior to each match. Additionally, please make sure that the BOWNET goals are FULLY extended and locked. Here's a quick video on how to properly setup the BOWNET goals.

Printable Setup Instructions

7x21 U10 - Video

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Every Team must have at least 1 volunteer serve at our Lake Forest Sports Park concession stand to help support Region 85 fundraising.  Each shift is only 2 hours and the top 5 teams that perform the most hours will receive $50 towards a team pizza party.  

All others who volunteer will have their team entered into a drawing to win a party.

Teams that complete at least 1 shift will be eligible for play offs so very important to sign up now using the link to our Google Doc spreadsheet to choose your date and time.  Thanks.  Contact Charlene at taylor2226@cox.net for questions. 

Link to Sign up

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Teams, Please see the following two links to sign up as Buddy/Mentor for VIP Jr and Tweenter Teams.

Younger: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x6c9zmZ07QGLGUnE2qHNfDB3bdA1AHPYz3gm5e8RFbs/edit?usp=sharing
Tweener: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Rjx8hWT1UOjZ6n_2dj_L0xjicChYSn6FHbH0PIDoNBU/edit?usp=sharing

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ALERT FOR Sports Park - Sports Park commons area in front of the Recreation cneter is not available for use

Please note our permits for field use are available at the Sports Park Turf A (west) field as follows;

Monday - Thursday North side half Field from 4:30 - 9:30    Friday full field 4:30-9:30pm

South grass areas known as Sports Park 1 (East most) and 2 (center), also half of the Northside of each field Monday -Friday. 

For complete details, see the Field Permit Summary on the Fields Page of this website. Also, a copy of the field permit can be found on the Document Library.

Thanks for sharing space and respecting other permitted users.  Report issues to City Staff at 949-273-6960 in the Recreation center or call Doug Cirbo 714-608-6796

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Receive field status updates on your cell phone.

Text R85SOCCER to 84483.

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The following game cards should be used.

Game cards are fillable PDF forms that can be downloaded, completed, and printed at home.

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It’s valuable to understand what motivates families to keep coming back to AYSO and what drives them away. 

According to a study by the Wall Street Journal, what kids hate most about soccer is the car ride home. Too often, the first first thing a parent has to say after a game is a critical remark, an accusatory question or offer “you should haves!” to their kids. This only causes young players to lose interest in playing. 

Parents often don't realize the impact of their words and forget that kids seek approval and want to impress them during games. When players feel put down, they can lose their love for soccer. 

Parents Do's: 

Be their biggest fan. Make sure to maintain a positive attitude and environment for your child by cheering and showing them support. After all, a child is trying their best to impress their parents, so show them they’re appreciated! 

Focus on the positive. Great shot! Nice dribble! Amazing pass! Wow so close! These are all great ways to express to kids that they’re doing a good job and it will motivate them to try even harder. 

Let them make mistakes. Making mistakes is the best way to get better. Don’t try to correct the mistakes by yelling directions from the sideline. Instead, let them try their moves and work on them next time you’re on a field together. 

Encourage goal setting and measure progress. Aside from staying active and having a great time, kids strive to become good soccer players. Encourage players to talk about ways they can improve and offer methods or ask a coach to help them improve those things. 

Parent Don'ts: 

Don’t talk about negative things on the ride home. There are much better ways and places to communicate what your kids could have done better than questioning their actions during the car ride home. They are still learning the game and are likely aware that they didn’t have a great game. Try taking them to a park over the weekend and work on things to help improve their game in a fun, loving environment instead. 

Don’t offer excuses. Putting blame on a ref, the field, weather or a coach for a bad performance may offer short-lived comfort, but this attitude can backfire. Kids will fail to take accountability and will instead learn to blame other factors when things don’t go their way. 

Don’t yell instructions during games. This causes confusion and annoys other parents, coaches and players (including your own!). A player develops best when they are allowed to make their own decisions on the field, figuring out what works best and working on those things at practice. 

Don’t criticize refs in front of the kids. Always remember that AYSO refs are volunteers and have given up their time to make the game possible. Kids will learn from their parents so be aware that yelling at a ref is one of the things they will pick up. And pro soccer players can tell you that yelling at the ref DOES NOT make them change their mind! 

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Webisodes are short videos prepared by AYSO National covering various topics of interest. Click on the following link to view them:   webisodes

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Even though city parks allow leashed dogs, they are not allowed at AYSO practices or games.

With kids running around and other activity at AYSO events, the chances are very high that pets will be excitable and may cause injury. In addition, some children have a fear of dogs.

Thank you in advance for helping to keep AYSO soccer a fun event for all.

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