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CMS Frequently Asked Questions  

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The CMS is used to prepare and post short articles on the website. The articles can have links to larger documents and other web pages. manual

  • Each article is targeted to a specific web page

  • Each article has a headline. It should be descriptive and unique on the targeted page because it will appear in an index.

  • A articles have a start date and a stop date. The article will not appear until the start date and will automatically disappear after the stop date. It is very important that these dates be set accurately.

  • Articles contain an optional author’s name and title block.

  • Articles should contain text, simple tables, and links to more complicated information. Links may be to documents, web pages and/or email addresses.

  • Articles should not contain photos or other images. These items should be uploaded separately and linked to from the article.

Larry Lotito top  

There are several ways to create an article.

  • Simply type it into the article area

  • Cut and paste text from any source

  • Load a text file into the article area using the Load File button

  • Load an html file into the article area using the Load File button

  • Use the Table Maker to create html code for a table and paste it into the article area
Use the 'Save as Web Page' option in Word or Excel to create html files.